Doesn't nano HDMI output support 4K@60 YUV420

Hi NV,
doesn’t nano HDMI output support 4K@60 YUV420?
I ask that cause of we have a monitor which 4K@60 is YUV420 only,
we test on xavier and tx2, both can support 4K@60, but nano just support 4K@30,
and three modules test on the other monitor which is not yuv420 only, all can support 4K@60,

No, there is no support for YUV420 on jetson nano.
Open the document for the sw feature and you will see it.

Hi Wayne,
could you please help to point which part indicate that Jetson Nano HDMI doesn’t support YUV420 output?
I didn’t find it,

The document will only point something we “support”. We won’t indicate something that we don’t support.

For example, you can check the corresponding page on the NX/AGX one, and you will see we say YUV420 supported. But on TX1/Nano, there is no such thing. Means we don’t support them.

Hi Wayne,
correct the test result,
just Xavier support 4K@60 YUV420, Tx2 and Nano doesn’t, right?

about the document you provided,
Tx2 and Nano show support HDMI 2.0, and HDMI 2.0 should support YUV420,
HDMI - Wikipedia,
so I need to check with you,


Actually, yuv420 is optional in HDMI2.0 certificate.
HDMI CDF has Yes/No (Y/N) option to declare for all YUV features as needed and we didn’t select this for every jetson platform.

Hi Wayne,
if Xavier doesn’t support YUV420 in the future image release,
you don’t think it’s a problem even Xavier support YNV420 now,
that’s what you mean, right?

I am not sure why you are asking Xavier. This is a topic for nano.

And that is not what I mean. My point here is you are wrong about “HDMI2.0”. This cert does not mean it 100% supports YUV420.

Our HDMI 2.0 cert does not include yuv420. But for some new SoC like Xavier, we do support yuv420.

Hi Wayne,
I got it,
thanks for your help

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