Doesn't work with Kinova Jaco arm 2 because it is a 32 bit processor

I am trying to work around with a Jaco arm, which is 64-bit. but since jetson is a 32-bit processor, I am not able to launch the arm using the jetson. Can someone please suggest me for a way to address this issue?

The TK1 is 32-bit, and is the last of the Jetsons which is 32-bit. If you have a Nano, then any of the R28.x or newer L4T releases (see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”) run 64-bit. The very first port to 64-bit did have a 64-bit kernel, but 32-bit user space, but that was a very short and very early release which then transitioned everything to 64-bit. Are you using a TK1? Or a Nano? If a Nano, then what do you see for the release via “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”? What point in the software use shows as 32-bit?

I just had a confusion on this. The Jetson is a 64-bit only, but the Jaco2 robotic arm is a 32-bit. So, with the Jaco2, I am getting an error saying it is not compatible. Do you know a way to work around here?

That would depend. How does the Jaco2 connect, e.g., USB? Is it the driver install which fails? If so, is there a URL with the technical specs of the Jaco2?

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