doggy won't .run 3.16 kernel 340 driver 8200 nforce WITH VIDEO! [SOLVED]

Hi all… hope u can help.
Full story below, but basically how can I install the Nvidia drivers for Debian 32 Wheezy Backport built on a 3.16 kernel? Will post the logz soon.


A few years ago I decided to create a unix for myself focused on a laptop I had at the time…
The devlog is …
…and can easily be found on the puppy website by googling “devildog liz hurley ladyboy”

That laptop went swimming in the River Fal in 2016, and after recovering the HDD moved the OS to an nvidia based machine and replaced the driver from ATI -> NV using the proprietary drivers

A few nights ago this machine threw a rod (fan choked with dust) and once restarted (with no changes other than the crash) failed to run wine based games … why? … glxinfo … Direct Rendering: No.


Due to the nature of the installation I have tried several methods to come back from this situation, including copying back a known good set of backups over the .sfs files that the DevilDog distro is made from.
What occurs is 2 seconds of ok use with direct rendering =1 … then a graphics crash and machine lockup.
Video of crash on youtube …

This machine is currently in use by the GF who wants the current installation fixed rather than replaced. Yes I have considered killing her and hiding the body, but thought I might first try fixing the PC just in case it was easier.

Help save a life (if such things appeal to you). Tell me what to try next and I’ll post the logs.

So in the end I found a 304 driver we had set up as a .sfs file and that worked nice.

Case closed.