Domain join kills nvidia container for control panel

My Google FU has failed me :(
We have multiple RTX 8000 cards in Dell 940 servers running VMware 7.0.2 . Our Windows 10 vm’s work fine obtaining a license from the nvidia license server until we join them to our 2019 MS domain. The nvidia container starts then immediately stops which does not allow you to set the license server address, I have heard of a registry edit that will fix the license server address problem but we need to have access to the Nvidia control panel.

I assume you have GPO restrictions as soon as the VM joins the domain. Please check what kind of restrictions are assigned.

I have been looking through the Domain settings have not really changed anything since the last working solution. only change was going to driver package NVIDIA-GRID_vSphere-7.0-460.91.03-462.96 for the esxi VIB and the windows 10 vm.

Should have added that I can join the domain and the nvidia container will not start but I can take it back out of the domain and manually crank up the nvidia container and everything runs as expected. So it is definitely joining the domain which breaks it but it did not exhibit this behavior on the previous driver.