DOPE Writer: empty camera data


we’re currently working with the DOPE Writer from the Offline Pose Estimation Synthetic Data Generation Example in Isaac Sim.

But I’ve noticed that the camera data in output files is empty.


After looking at the implementation of the DOPEWriter, I have a guess on why this might be the case.

(This is Isaac Sim 2022.1.1-release.1, Windows version)

Now, does anybody maybe know a workaround for this problem or has a different solution?

Also, we took a look at the outputted pose data with some different scenes and it looks a bit strange. If anyone happens to know where to find documentation for the DOPE dataset or some example data, it would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there,

thank you for reporting this, in order to check for a temp workaround can you let us know what data do you require in the “camera_data” field?



that’s actually a good question, we haven’t been able to find a documentation for the DOPE Dataset.

I assume it would be similar to the data for the objects, so location and orientation for the camera.

Again, if anybody knows where to find more information on the DOPE Dataset, it would be greatly apprechiated!


According to our DOPE writer developer the original paper uses the so called “FAT Dataset” which can be found here.

The camera_data field is not used for training nor for inference, it is there as a reference. It will however hold the camera intrinsic values at one point.


thank you for the link to the dataset, that’s really helpful!

We’re looking for a way to create a custom dataset to train & evaluate the DOPE pose estimation model, so all data necessary for that would be required from the writer as a minimum.

If the camera_data field is indeed not needed for that, it could stay empty. However, it might be nice to have some additional camera data for potentional debugging / visualisation purposes.
Again, while this data might not be needed for the training, it would be a nice bonus.


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