Dose cvtColor function in OpenCV4Tegra( be Functions Optimized for Tegra?

I want to use OpenCV4Tegra in nvidia website to convert yuv to rgb,and i can not found some details about this area.
Is there any document about how it is Optimized use gpu or arm neno etc,
And how about its efficient?

Hi xavierSFan,

For efficient color conversion, I would suggest you to leverage a hardware block called VIDEO IMAGE COMPOSITOR to do it.

You can refer to “nvvidconv” element in or use “NvVideoConverter” class mentioned in “API” of

Could you you please provide more information on how to do this? The second link is broken and there is no mention of the block in the guide (1st link). I too need to convert bayer to (hopefully) I420. Also, is it better to ask questions related to a closed thread (like this) or to open a new thread?