Double MIPI to Double MIPI riser/interposer existence and PHY tracing

For the Jetson camera expansion header, I currently have an interposer board that connects the double MIPI header to a single MIPI header. Is there an interposer board/riser that will extend the double MIPI header from the board. I’m looking for a male-to-male adapter.

Here are images of my current interposer board:

This is a male double MIPI to a single MIPI adapter. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I have a question about the Jetson Orin MIPI Camera Expansion Port. How is it that the board is able to bring out C-PHY and D-PHY on the same pins? How are the trace routed on the PCB to support differential and TRIO signal transfer without creating imbalance or skew? I am thinking maybe the third trace is run on a different layer, or there dummy traces around the diff pairs.

Here’s an excerpt from the Jetson Orin Developer Kit Board Specification document showing that pins support the required voltage level for both:


Hi, for board info, please contact vendor for that. For the routing, please refer to the Orin docs in DLC. Currently only Design Guide and datasheet are available, the carrier layout files are not released yet.

I contacted my vendor. They do not have such a part. If anyone is aware of this part, please let me know.

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