Double Precision Hardware Support Tesla


I have a Tesla C870 : This does not have double precision hardware support right?

If not when is the double precision support in hardware expected.


Correct, the C870 has the same GPU as in the 8800 GTX, and lacks double precision support.

Right now, the only way to get double precision is to purchase a GTX 280 or GTX 260. The Tesla version of the GTX 280, the C1060, will have the same # of stream processors at the same clock rate, but 4 GB of memory instead of 1 GB. (Strangely, the C1060 seems to have a lower memory clock than the GTX 280…) The C1060 is listed as being available “Fall 2008.”

If you don’t need the 4GB of memory, then I’d go get the GTX 280 instead.