Doubt about LG notebook driver for GT 130M

Hi, I dont know if Im in the right place to ask this…

Im thinking on by this LG R580-U.BP62P1(5500) notebook…I want know if I will have any problem with drivers for the GeForce GT 130M (1GB DDR2)…
I want be enable to program with CUDA, PhysX and DirectX 9-10.
Any problem I should know?

You will have compute capability 1.1 - and the DDR2 RAM is the slowest out there (the memory bandwidth limitation will be quite noticeable).

Though I have similar specs (9600M GT, 512MB DDR2 RAM) and I am still quite satisfied.


LG drivers for Nvidia are very old. It’s the problem.

Nvidia generic drivers doesn’t work.

New nvidia generic driver works on LG R580 notebooks.