Downgrading from Ubuntu 16.04 to 14.04 on L4T R24.2

Is it possible to downgrade from the Ubuntu 16.04 that comes with L4T R24.2 to Ubuntu 14.04? I need to use L4T R24.2, as the previous release that comes with Ubuntu 14.04 (R24.1) is not compatible with ROS:

However, I need Ubuntu 14.04 because I need to use ROS indigo (I need to use packages that have not been updated to the latest ROS version, kinetic).

Hi there,

We worked with OSRF to enable a version of ROS on Jetson TX1 with 64-bit BSP. Since compiling and testing a ROS config (consisting of platform/instruction set, ROS version, and Ubuntu version; accordingly there are many permutations to test) takes lots of compute resources (pricey VPS time), OSRF opted to build and test only ROS Kinetic on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, leaving Indigo+14.04 on 32-bit ARM (armhf) only.

You should be able to compile ROS Indigo from source, but doing so on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS may have some dependency issues. Some dependencies may be too new for what Indigo expects. I don’t believe OSRF has plans to support ROS Indigo on 16.04 LTS, especially not on ARM 64-bit (aarch64).