Download deb packages manually?

Since the Jetson Nano dev board doesn’t come with wireless and I don’t have a lan connection available to me, where could I download the .deb files I need for my dependencies so I can manually install them?

You can manually download the L4T components from the NVIDIA developer website, but not all (for example, the arm64 packages for TensorRT, CUEA…etc are only provided by JetPack). I recommend that you temporarily get your host machine internet access, then let JetPack download the packages. At that point you can either install them manually on your Jetson or let JetPack do it. For JetPack to do it there needs to be a network connection between the host machine and Jetson so JetPack can run commands on the Jetson via SSH.
Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

I want to add something to @kayccc’s info: Take a look at “~/Downloads/nvidia/sdkm_downloads/” if you have ever run JetPack/SDK Manager. Note that you can run SDKM to “download only” and not actually flash or install. This would provide the content there. If you already have content there, then consider (at least temporarily) moving that content elsewhere so that it is empty, and then running SDKM with the “no flash/no install” checkbox. Whatever “.deb” package you see there which is for “arm64” architecture would be intended for the Jetson (you might find “amd64” for some, and those are for the desktop PC). This content could easily be put on a thumb drive or other media and then taken to the Jetson.

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