Download numpy image after a queue: possible concurrent access to the same memory?


I am working with DS 6.0 and its Python bindings. I am running a primary detector on multiple streams. After that I have a nvstreamdemux element that split the batched data into individual stream’s data.

I want to retrieve the numpy image of each stream frame. I know how to do that using a probe. This works fine but it slows down the pipeline since the probe is blocking.

I was thing to add a queue after nvstreamdemux and right before the probe that retrieves the numpy frame. It is my understanding that the queue would create a new thread therefore avoid blocking the pipeline because of the subsequent slow probe.

However, is there any risk to encounter synchronization issue? Does the queue perform a deep copy of the data or does it just store the pointer to the data? If there’s no deep copy, I am afraid that there could be two concurrent access to the same memory location:

  • My probe retrieving the numpy frame
  • Nvstreammux (or another component) replacing the frame with a new one

What would happen?

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

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I am running the code on a Tesla T4 within the DS6.0 Triton Server container.

queue will work fine without issue. But maybe queue can’t fix your probe slow issue.

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