Download of files from nvidia repository with apt-get is extremely slow.

The repository in question: and ubuntu1804

Because downloading files from the repository is extremly slow when using apt-get, I mirrored the repository locally hoping it would be quicker. It isn’t!

When I download the files using ‘wget’ I get normal speeds, but when using apt-get it becomes incredibly slow.

For example, the following file:

  • with apt-get: 1235 kB/s
  • with wget: 13,0 MB/s

I mirror over 20 repositories locally for our systems and none have this problem exept the nvidia repository. This, to me, indicates there is something wrong with the nvidia repository.

Has anyone else seen this as well? What could be the problem? It is clearly something with apt-get and the nvidia repo, but what!?

You have to open a bug report against apt. NVIDIA has nothing to do with that - their servers do not throttle downloads.