Download problem

I cannot download CUDA 9.0.
I recieved the message" this site can’t be reached"
the webpage at … might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to new web address

I didn’t have any trouble downloading cuda 9 right now, starting from the legacy releases page:

If attempts to retrieve CUDA 9 from the correct location pointed to by Robert Crovella fail with errors messages:

(1) Are you trying to download from a country that employs government-imposed internet control and filtering? Past reports in these forums suggested that multiple people trying to download from at least one such country (PRC) saw weird error reports, while no issues were observed for downloads from inside the US at the same time.

(2) Are you trying to download from a country on the United States embargo list (Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba)? What exactly this means for internet traffic originating in those countries I do not know, but my layperson’s understanding is that generally there are severe restrictions placed upon any interactions of US entities with entities in those countries.