Downloading of certain url is blocked


I use a TX2 with an interfaceconnect tech spacely card
the firewall is disabled.
I updated Update and Upgrade and ubuntu.
The time and date are up to date.
I manage to go to some website and other block attachment example.
What should be done ?
Can you help me please I don’t see what to do.

Hi jan.procomm,

What the “interfaceconnect tech spacely card” is?
If all not working, could you try to flash the device again?


The “Connect Tech inc” is the interface card which allows you to have USB3, RJ45 and HDMI ports. The TX2 card is attached to it

Hi jan.procomm,

I will suggest to check the FAQ & Installation Instructions from to see if can find relevant info to resolve your issue, or contact with Connect Tech support team.