Downloading Plugin's to NvRTX UE5.3 Branch

I’m trying to download plugins for my UE5.3.1 NvRTX Branch but ı am taking this issue. I know there’s a different way to install plugins on Unreal Engine in Source Builds, but most of the solutions in the videos I’ve watched are confusing and incomprehensible, and some don’t work. How can I integrate plugins into NvRTX branches?

Did you manage to find a way? I’m also looking for the solution to this. Looking to get the metahuman plugin installed on NvRTX 5.3.1

Got it working, had to rebuild the engine after copying the plugins across from a vanilla install.

As I couldn’t find a concise answer online and I’m guessing others are looking for a solution here’s instructions:

P.S - Assuming your installation of NvRTX was built using Visual Studio and not something like Github desktop.

  1. If you don’t already have the corresponding Epic launcher version of UE installed go ahead and install it. In my case I installed 5.3.2
  2. Once installed go ahead and install the plugins you’re after to that version of the engine. e.g. I installed the metahuman plugin to UE 5.3
  3. After that installation is complete a Marketplace folder will have been created in your engine root directory, along with the plugin now inside. e.g C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.3\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\MetaHuman
  4. Copy the Marketplace folder.
  5. Go to the root directory of your NvRTX installation, then Engine, then Plugins and paste the Marketplace folder here. e.g C:\Program Files\UnrealEngine-nvrtx-5.3\Engine\Plugins
  6. Go back to the root and run GenerateProjectFiles. Once complete close the command window.
  7. Double click UE5.sln to open Visual Studio.
  8. Once visual Studio is open, confirm that it sees the plugins in the solutions explorer on the right. (not necessary but worth double checking before rebuilding) Hit the little drop down arrow next to UE5, then look for plugins and marketplace.
  9. Then right click on UE5 and build.
  10. Once that is complete double check it all worked by opening the engine, clicking edit, plugins and searching for the plugin. It should now come up.
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Welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums @V_Naveira and thank you for this HowTo description!

I tagged it to be added to our Knowledge Base as well.


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