DP 5.0.1 nv.service / nv.sh

Hello there,

we are switching our OS from read/write to readonly with overlayfs.

We plan to have /etc /var and /tmp in an overlayfs, the rest will not be writable.
Usually services have no issues with this approach.

Anyhow there is a service called nv.service which runs the script under /etc/systemd/nv.sh
It is creating a bunch of links from ${LIB_DIR}/weston to ${LIB_DIR}/tegra/weston and also some to /usr/bin.

To me it looks like the script only needs to run once, but maybe I am missing something.
Is it okay to disable the service after it ran once or does it need to be run every time the system boots?

The script has to be run once in booting. It should be fine if you disable it after booting to userspace.

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