DP daisychaining issue on GTX1080 440.44

There seems to be an issue with displayport daisychaining on linux. I had to set “HardDPMS” “false” to get it to work at all. I’m having trouble getting the multihead configuration working through xorg.conf aswell.

One of the monitors doesn’t ever wake up when I start the X Server. After using xrandr to extend the desktop, the second monitor still doesn’t come up. Forcing both monitors to sleep with xset and then waking them up usually works.

Also when I let the monitors go to sleep on their own, the monitor that didn’t turn on naturally never goes to sleep.

What is the issue here?
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (261 KB)

Does no one else use DP daisy chaining? It’s really annoying to get both monitors working every time I restart the computer…