DP MST+DSC No Sound after Boot, DP replug fixes Issues

Hello together,

I have switched to 2x4k Panels on my Desktop+Laptop Work Setup.
Audio is pulled from the Monitor via Headphone-Jack (necessary for KVM Reasons) so looped through the Nvidia Card trough DP trough the Monitor to my Speakers.

My new Setup works fine apart from Audio not working on boot / in DE and requiring replug of the DP Connector to work again.
Nvidia HDA Audio is detected but no Output is present.

Previous attempts in fixing the Issue failed me - probably due to lacking knowledge.
Therefore i have not attached any Logoutput but can provide ASAP what is necessary.

Desktop Computer with PNY RTX4070ti (plugged in via DP)

  • Arch Linux (6.2.6-arch1-1 kernel), nvidia (525.89.02-12 driver from arch repos).
  • Pipewire + Wireplumber
  • Gnome 43.3

2x Dell UD3223QE attached via DP MST Daisychained together (set to 2x4k@60hz via DSC).

  • Primary Monitor Provides Audio Jack to attach Speakers to
  • Serving as KVM Hub

My work Laptop (Dell XPS17 9720 attached via USB-C DP Alt Mode with DP MST+DSC) detects the Displays as well as the Audio Output fine and does work out of the box.

Thanks for every help in advance, really appreciated!