DP port is not Working on Dev Kit


We are testing Xavier NX Developer Kit.
And DP port has a issue.

You can see the result of xrandr and dmesg => log.txt (184.1 KB)

dmesg include boot up sequence and equipped/unequipped event of DP cable.
It looks there is a communication problem with DP Monitor.

We tried Samsung and LG monitors and both of them don’t work.
Those are connected DP to DP and there is no adapters.

Is there any ideas?

  1. Do you have other jetson NX devkit to do the test?

  2. Do you try other DP cables?

It works with the other Monitor.

You mean this is monitor specific issue?

This issue happened on customer side. So, I didn’t test directly.
Actually, they changed cable and monitor, both.
I’m not sure perfectly which one has a issue .

But I think display is the issue.
Previsouly, there was a similar problem with HDMI from another customer.

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