Dp training stop

Hi,we used R32 (release), REVISION: 5.2, GCID: 27767740, BOARD: t210ref.
we found a case: Normally dp start training to the third training, and if pass, it will stop,and output dp signal. But we found after the third training, it switch from state 5 (link training pass) to state 0 (Reset) again! But it didn’t start training again!
dp_training_stop.txt (13.5 KB)

为什么DP training 3次成功后,会重置状态,就没有后续流程了。帮看下这个问题!

please check if tegra_dc_dp_disable is getting called and set hte link training to force disabled.


No, there is no test command. You have to dig into driver code an analyze what is happened.

没明白你的意思,我们的log看,最后执行了tegra_dc_dp_disable ,后没有后续了,这个不是set the link training to force disabled吗?
[ 12.997923] dp lt: state 5 (link training pass), pending_lt_evt 1
[ 12.997926] dp lt: switching from state 5 (link training pass) to state 0 (Reset)
[ 12.997929] dp lt: state 0 (Reset), pending_lt_evt 0
[ 12.997931] dp lt: link training force disable
[ 12.997933] dp lt: switching from state 0 (Reset) to state 4 (link training fail/disable)
[ 13.018253] extcon-disp-state extcon:disp-state: cable 46 state 0
[ 13.018255] Extcon AUX0(DP) disable
[ 13.018256] dp_audio switch 0

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