DP1 - DisplayPort not working

Dear Nvidia

We are trying to activate on a custom carrier board the DP1 as DisplayPort for JetPack 4.6. The hardware is exactly the same as for DP0 on a different custom carrier board, therefore it should only be a software problem. Could you please check if you see an error in our device tree or if you can see something in the bootlog and dmesg?

The other display is not connected.

out.dts (268.3 KB)
dmesg.txt (71.3 KB)
boot_log.txt (27.4 KB)

The connections are:

Thank you.
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If hotplug and link training function are fine here, then please also check the xorg.0.log and xrandr if your display mode is correct.

Hi WayneWWW

Here ist the xorg log:
Xorg.0.log (12.1 KB)

xrandr only replies “Can’t open display”.

Hi @sevm89

Just want to confirm are you sure you know how to run xrandr? Does the DISPLAY env var set correctly?

Also, does same monitor work fine if using DP0? Have you tried other monitors?

Hi WayneWWW

We were able to solve the issue. We change the order of “nvidia,xbar-ctrl” back to how it was at the beginning (even if it is for HDMI) and then the display works.
Thank you for your help.

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Hi @sevm89

Just curious about this. If changing this can make it work, it means your hardware design is incorrect…

Hi WayneWWW

We had a wrong order in another design, where we changed “nvidia,xbar-ctrl” and just forget to change it back. In this new design, as you can see in the schematic, the hardware is correct.

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Yes… that is why I feel weird because the schematic looked correct…

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