DPI Setting for Rendering--( Omniverse : USD Composer)

I see that Nvidia Omniverse USD Composer has an export setting for resolution. But the software doesn’t have an export setting for “print” which most renderings software’s have, this can allow the software to export the renders with a DPI which is helpful for printing.

I ask this because all the renders I have been exporting in 4k resolution but they are all in 72 DPI instead of the industry standard 300 DPI.

@steven.bowker i am just another user, and i don’t recall coming across a specific setting that directly influences the DPI setting in OV apps besides resolution. i am sure the devs/mods will correct me if that’s not the case.

that said, you could always push your resolution to accommodate the dpi requirement as a workaround; that is, if you have the appropriate hardware and resources to support such large render. if that’s not feasible, you may have to resort to using upscaling apps like photoshop or topaz lab’s gigapixel after you’ve gotten your 4k render out of OV.

Hi Steven,
Firstly, we are not designed around Print media. It is not something we are focused on.

Secondly, pixels and “Dots per inch” / “Pixels per inch” are interchangeable. So all rendering programs work in Pixels, and its up to you what your DPI is. All rendering software render at 72dpi, and if you want to print at 300dpi, you can either scale it up, or render higher. It’s just math. But you just change it in Photoshop.

For example
If you want a 10" x 8" image at 300dpi, you need to render at (10" x 300) x (8" x 300) = 3000 pixels x 2400 pixels. The image will STILL render at 72dpi. So by default it will print out at (3000/72)" x (2400/72)" = 41.66" x 33.33"
All rendering software does this. But you just change it in PS to 300dpi, but DO NOT change your actual pixels. Just force it to 300dpi at the same size in pixels. Just make sure you keep the “Resample” option OFF

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