Dpkg: error processing package nvidia-l4t-bootloader (--configure)

We are currently moving over to the production version of Jetson Nano and have selected Connect Tech NGX004 carrier board for our project. Flashing using SDK Manager works fine and the device boots. When running apt update/upgrade it fails stating:

dpkg: error processing package nvidia-l4t-bootloader (–configure)
“ERROR. Unsupported board ID: .”

I have been talking with Connect Tech, and their solution was removing the nvidia-l4t-bootloader package.

In my research the cause seems to be related to /etc/nv_boot_control.conf which is as follows:
TNSPEC ----1-0-cti/nano/quark-mmcblk0p1
COMPATIBLE_SPEC 3448-000—0–mmcblk0p1
TEGRA_OTA_BOOT_DEVICE /dev/mmcblk0boot0
TEGRA_OTA_GPT_DEVICE /dev/mmcblk0boot1

Removing nvidia-l4t-bootloader removes the error message, but i’m worried that this might cause problems down the road since it dosen’t seem to be fixing the “real” problem. Could anyone give me some tips on this topic?


The reason behind this error is the TNSPEC giving a unofficial board name.

TNSPEC ----1-0-cti/nano/quark-mmcblk0p1

Removing nvidia-l4t-bootloader is fine. It will not work on custom carrier.

Maybe a better way is to remove nvidia related repository from your source list. If you are using customized driver package, you should use the software they provided. NV’s official update is for devkit update only. It won’
t 100% work on customized carrier.

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Could you give me a hint to which repositories i should remove ? I assume i still need to use repository for cuda and production module specific drivers ?

One more question. Is using the development carrier board a supported production configuration ? In the documentation it dosen’t state this clearly. It states that it works but not if it is supported.

Should be this one

/etc/apt/sources.list.d$ ls

No, devkit is not for production configuration. It is more like a demonstration to show what functions this board/SoC can do.
You can leverage the driver and some software from it for the production development.

But this “apt-update/upgrade” is related to system upgrade and nvdia-l4t-bootloader is also part of deb package for official OTA update. For custom carrier board, vendors like Connecttech should provide their own deb package for such update but not rely on NV’s original tool anymore.

Thank you very much!

Is the TX2 Dev board considered to be “custom carrier board” This problem happens on a freshly flashed TX2 on the dev kit.