draw a mask on the road.

Hello everyone, how I can draw a mask on the road using driveworks? I’m doing a computer vision of the study project

Hi Bruno,

as a starting point did you check out our DW documentation and our samples already?

Depending on your installation you may find them in the folders


Moreover I suggest you to have a look at


For starters, that should help you. Do want to share the topic of your study project with us?

Best regards,

Thanks, Fabian. I want to share my study project with you. How I do it? I will study the documentation about renderer and sample already. Once again thanks.

You’re welcome and feel free to ask any upcoming questions on our forums.

In case of very specific and bug related questions I do highly recommend to always attach a reduced sample including a Makefile for an efficient process.

Thanks very much, thanks…

I’m currently plotting the track mask on my main image using the nvidia Renderer example. But with driveworks updates, how could I make this mask in this new version?

Hi Bruno,

did you have a look in out development guides and be able to come up with a solution?

  • Fabian

Yes, I reply in another topic.

Great, please share the link here so others are able to follow the solution as well.





I am sorry.

Thanks and keep on going!