Draw more than 16 rectangle on screen display

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x86-64 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS machine with Geforce GTX 3060
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I want to draw 50 rectangle on screen display, but it was limited by the parameter “#define MAX_ELEMENTS_IN_DISPLAY_META 16”,and can only draw 16 rectangle, I expected to change “#define MAX_ELEMENTS_IN_DISPLAY_META 16” to “#define MAX_ELEMENTS_IN_DISPLAY_META 64” to make it possible to draw 50 rectangle, but it didn’t work and the program has unexpectedly finished

You cannot just change the macro paras. You can acquire more display meta nvds_acquire_display_meta_from_pool()
But this will affect performance obviously.

After acquiring more display meta by nvds_acquire_display_meta_from_pool(),How should I do to display more than 16 boxes without considering the performance

I don’t have high requirements for real-time performance, mainly to display 50+ boxes

Hi. You can see python example here - How draw track in deepstream via python api?

The max lines that can be drawn on screen display is also limited by MAX_ELEMENTS_IN_DISPLAY_META=16, is there a way to change the limitation to 64, what else should I do in addition to modifying the macro paras?

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You can not change the macro because there are many related codes that are not completely open source. So we suggest you use more display meta to implement your needs. Thanks

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