Drive AGX Can it support Ultrasonic Sensors??

I would like to know if DRIVE AGX supports Ultrasonic Sensors?

If it supports USS what is the interface it supports? What are all the suppliers of USS which it supports?

Hi abhinav.eramally,

You can check “Supported Hardware and Software Components” page for current supported hardware parts. It doesn’t include ultrasonic sensors.

Could you let us know which sensor you are looking for? What’s its interface? Thanks!

I am looking out for

  1. Valeo UPA sensors
  2. Bosch USS 6.0,6.5 USS
    This is a proprietary of Bosch and Valeo, may I know how can I use USS and what USS does it support?

I have referred the supported HW and SW and I couldn’t find any USS and that’s the reason I have posted it in the forum.

Please check internally with your experts, technical team and let me know how can i use USS to AGX.

At this time DriveWorks has no Sensor Abstraction Layer support for USS. Sensor vendors may implement their own support outside DriveWorks by leverage the CAN support.