Drive AGX platform cost

Hi all,

Really appreciate if anyone can tell me a rough cost of

•DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit(SKU 2000)
•DRIVE AGX Pegasus™ Developer Kit(SKU 2200)

Thank you !!

Hi anshul.awasthi,

I believe that’s under legal agreement, please contact your Account Manager or through

Hi Kayccc,

Thanks for getting fast, our legal department is analysing the document sent by Nvidia account manager,(taking very long as people are on vacation)

on the other side, I have to arrange the funds so a range will do ex between 5 to 10 thousand USD etc

Hi anshul.awasthi,

Still, please contact with our account sales to get the idea. That’s not a public information.


If it is not public information, don’t publish information about that. Nvidia are as tight as if they had invented the goose that laid the golden eggs.

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We tried to contact via link you suggested, but no response after one week? Can you give us instructions how/whom to contact in order to get info about NVIDIA Drive solutions prices ?
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