Drive AGX Xavier KL15 and KL30

In the document, KL15 is described as;

In the vehicle, it could be connected to the power-on switch for wake-up functionality.

KL15 means IGN signal (+12V) from the vehicle.

Is it safe applying +12V to KL15 banana plug when KL30 (unswitched battery power +12V, Xavier main power) in the harness is not up?

Our system has power line sequencer which make KL30 up and cut it off by monitoring IGN signal, so IGN(KL15) goes up few seconds before controlled KL30 out.

In order to prevent battery up, we may cut KL30 from vehicle. In such case, is KL15 banana plug recommended to be also unplugged?

If the KL15 input has protection circuit, I’ll feel relieved.

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