DRIVE Hyperion 8.1 NAS Storage Bandwidth is low

I was going through the DRIVE Hyperion 8.1 DevKit Specs. For the component Smart Network Attached Storage (NAS), the Storage bandwidth is mentioned as 2GB/s lossless data recording.

Considering 4x PCI Express Gen4 lanes will be used for mounting the NVMEs, why is the bandwidth limited to only 2GB/s?

Dear @nishant.kumar1,
My apologies for late response. We are checking internally and get back to you.

Dear @nishant.kumar1,
~2GB/s is based on typical SSD sustained read/write speeds so recording rates are limited to the NVMe storage device’s capability

Hi @SivaRamaKrishnaNV,
Is it possible to increase the read/write speed using RAID 0 for writing to multiple NVME at the same time?