Drive orin build apollo fail

OS Platform and Distribution (Linux Ubuntu 20.04 arm64)
Apollo installed from (source):
Apollo version (9.0):
Tensorrt version:
Equipment:NVIDIA DRIVE AGX ORIN (DRIVE-V6.0.3-P3710-AFW-Aurix-StepB-5.03.02)
When I compiled apollo: bash build, I encountered the following error

Upload the so file under /usr/lib to the /usr/lib folder of docker through docker cp outside docker. This error is solved, but the following error is added.I don’t know how to solve itERROR: /apollo/modules/perception/lidar_detection/tools/BUILD:6:17: Linking modules/perception/lidar_detection/tools/offline_lidar_detection failed: (Exit 1): crosstool_wrapper_driver_is_not_gcc failed: error executing command external/local_config_cuda/crosstool/clang/bin/crosstool_wrapper_driver_is_not_gcc @bazel-out/aarch64-opt/bin/modules/perception/lidar_detection/tools/offline_lidar_detection-2.params /usr/bin/ld: bazel-out/aarch64-opt/bin/_solib_local/_U@local_Uconfig_Utensorrt_S_S_Ctensorrt___Uexternal_Slocal_Uconfig_Utensorrt_Stensorrt_Slib/ undefined reference to nvdla::INetwork::addReshape(nvdla::ITensor*, nvdla::Dims4)'`

That DRIVEOS 6.0.3 is not the public release version, you should get the support via NVOnline, please discuss with your internal team to know how to do that.

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