DRIVE Orin DevKit bootburn Upgrade failed from 6.0.2 to 6.0.3

Following DRIVE_OS_6.0.3.0_Debian_Package_Installation_Guide_NVONLINE.pdf to upgrade DRIVE Orin DevKit from 6.0.2 to 6.0.3. The following error has been encountered. The similar procedure on 6.0.2 was followed when we first received the DRIVE Orin DevKit. It was a successful install back then.

After issuing tools/flashtools/bootburn/ -b p3710-10-a01 -B qspi, the script finished successfully.

After power cycle the DevKit, Linux didn’t boot successfully. The following is the MCU console:


The following is the console to the Orin SoC


Can you please provide debugging support?

Dear @yao.ron,
Could you please paste the the complete bootburn log, booting logs instead of pictures to be able to search by other community members?

Hi @yao.rong
Please share the MCU firmware version with us by running the “version” command on the MCU console.

MCU version is as follows.

Info: Executing cmd: version, argc: 0, args: 
Command Executed

Please refer to Flashing AURIX to update it to 6.0.3 one. Thanks.

Complete bootburn log is attached.
bootburn_log.txt (747.4 KB)

I have a couple of questions from this document: Flashing AURIX

  1. When connected to a Windows system, I don’t see /dev/ttyACM*. I see /dev/ttyS* instead. Can you please confirm that this is expected and the 2nd smallest tty is still the Aurix console/serial port.
  2. From step 2, there’s no link to the UART cfg file.
  1. Download the UART cfg file here.If you use miniliggler to upgrade (a JTAG debugger), you should use the miliwiggler one.
  1. How do I locate the delivery folder?

For UART, the TriBoard_TC39xB_ASC_BSL.cfg configuration file is located in the delivery folder.

  1. Which board is this jumper on? Can you please provide more details on how to locate this board? I have only removed the case. I have not dissemble the system.

I find the sections “Flashing AURIX from NVIDIA Orin” and " Flashing AFW from Orin Using Force Update" not helpful because I currently don’t have a console to Orin.

Please follow Usage mode #1 of tcu_muxer to access the pseudo console of guest os with minicom. Then run the below command (from Flashing AFW from Orin Using Force Update) in the console to upgrade the firmware to DRIVE-V6.0.3-P3710-AFW-Aurix-StepB-5.03.02.hex.

$ sudo /bin/bash /etc/systemd/scripts/ -force_update DRIVE-V6.0.3-P3710-AFW-Aurix-StepB-5.03.02.hex

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