Drive Orin support and supply situation

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We have an autonomous drive project. In the start of project we used drive px2 but we couldn’t become succeed on this device because drive px2 have so many compliant problems also the last release for px2 is 5 years ago so we supposed this dev kit doesn’t supported anymore. After struggled so much on drive px2 we decide to change with drive orin. Will we encounter these type errors in the future if we use drive orin?

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Hello Furkan,

Thank you for considering the DRIVE AGX Orin for your autonomous drive project. I understand your concern regarding compliance issues with the previous dev kit you used.

I am happy to inform you that the DRIVE AGX Orin is the first dev kit we have fully certified, and we have also released DRIVE AGX Orin Regulatory Compliance and Safety Guide to help ensure compliance and safety in your project.

I hope this information helps in your decision to switch to DRIVE AGX Orin. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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If we buy this dev kit will nvidia support after 3-5 years?
Will we encounter GPU or development environment issues ?
The last question is also what is the end of production for this dev kit?

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Hi Furkan,

Suggest to contact your Account Representative (or contact us) to have more discussion for your project, we usually can only answer those technical issue in forum. Sorry for that.

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