Drive os flashing on different drive

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Software Version
DRIVE OS 6.0.4 (rev. 1)

Target Operating System

Hardware Platform
DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit (940-63710-0010-D00)
DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit (940-63710-0010-C00)
DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit (not sure its number)

SDK Manager Version

Host Machine Version
native Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Host installed with SDK Manager
native Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Host installed with DRIVE OS Docker Containers
native Ubuntu Linux 18.04 Host installed with DRIVE OS Docker Containers


I used gparted to see the partitions on the disk because the manual says that the drive is 256GB, however there’s only 28GB available. I see that there are more partitions. What are they? I formatter one that is 112GB, however it’s not enough.
I want to upgrade to a larger drive. I installed a new drive (1TB), however the installation in the manager fails, I see in the log that the system goes to the configuration file with partitions configurations. How can we configure my own hard drive?


Dear @NikolayChernuha,
Do you mean to flash to your own drive?

Dear @SivaRamaKrishnaNV, I want to install a bigger m2 drive to have more space on it.

Dear support team,

I want to replace the current m2, 256GB hard drive, with a bigger one 1TB, split partitions on it as I like and install the OS on it.
Is it possible?
I need an answer ASAP!


Dear @NikolayChernuha,
AFAIK, it is not possible with devzone release. Let me check internally and confirm it.

Thanks, waiting for the confirmed answer.
Anyway, I guess it’s possible, but not straightforward, so, I’ll be glad if you suggest how to do so. I’m sure it will help me and other developers who use this system.

Dear @NikolayChernuha,
How about using USB 3.2/2.0 ports to connect SSD for extra space?

Dear @SivaRamaKrishnaNV , I understand that that’s most likely an intended solution, but the speed isn’t the same as nvme drive…

Dear @NikolayChernuha,
I would like to understand why you need extra space on target? Does your use case need high speed?Could you share your use case?

We decided to go with USB storage.

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