Drive PX2 AutoChauffeur stuck after SDK update

I updated my Drive PX2 AutoChauffeur to the latest software using DriveInstall.

It is stuck at

[  OK  ] Started Cleanup of Temporary Directories.
[...] A start job is running for Setup Wizard ( time spent / no limit)

I waited for a whole day nothing changed.

Can you kindly help me debug this problem?

Dear vijayjohn,
Please use SDKManager(not driveinstall) to upgrade to latest SDK on board( If you face any issue while installing, please attach all the installation logs to investigate furthur. Please do check system requirement and connect board and host to internet before flashing.

Dear vijayjohn,

I believe you used sdkmanager tool not DriveInstall to flash your board.

Did you connect an ethernet cable to DPX2?

If all settings are fine, could you please reset the board via Aurix terminal using aurixreset command? Thanks.

Hi Steve,

Yes, I used sdkmanager tool for flashing. I am on a Linux host.

ethernet cable is connected to DPX2.

I am not able to access the AURIX console using minicom. I don’t get to the shell prompt.

It is stuck at this place:

[  OK  ] Started Cleanup of Temporary Directories.
[...] A start job is running for Setup Wizard ( time spent / no limit)

Dear vijayjohn,
It is not clear from the information you have provided. could you please attach ~/.nvsdkm/ folder here to get more insights.


Here is the nvsdkm folder.


Can you help me solve this problem?

Dear vijayjohn,
From the log files it is clear that you have failed to flash Tegra B. Please check the following things first

I flashed aurix using the above method.
Now both Tegra A and B can be flashed in parallel successfully.

I am able to connect to the tegras via putty on Windows host and I get to the shell prompt.

But on Linux when I try to connect via minicom, I still get the same error:

[...] A start job is running for Setup Wizard ( time spent / no limit)

Here is the latest log files:

Dear vijayjohn,
In the log I could see, flashing Tegra A and Tegra B is skipped. But you are saying the flashing is successful. Do you see the PX2 booted successfully?

Could you share the screenshot of the error on terminal. It is not clear when you are actually encounter this error?

Here is the screenshot from the terminal.

The sdkmanager says Flashing Tegra A and Tegra B in parallel was succesful.

Dear vijayjohn,
I assume you have disconnected all minicom terminal before flashing the board. Could you please verify this issue from another host machine?

I’m facing the same problem: no screen anymore on tegra A and hangs at setup wizard.
What happened: First I lost my screen due to a power failure on tegra A, on tegra B everything is fine … rebooted the drive px but still no screen … then I flashed the drive px2 (I RE-flashed with 5.0.10 tegra A) maybe some files got corrupted … still no screen and in minicom (/dev/ttyUSB2) the text is "A start job is running for Setup Wizard).
We have another drive px 2 having the same problem.

With previous SDK we didn’t had problems. Flashing back to previous version has the same problem: got stuck at Setup Wizard after flashing and no screen. Here is a nvsdkm of one of our drive px2 platforms.

nvsdkm-dpx2-4.tar.gz (148 KB)

Dear Vijay, erwin.rademakers,
does this issue came only after trying to upgrade to Drive 5.0.10?

Please check the following things.

  1. Cold boot not warm boot(Power off -> disconnect adopter from DPX2 -> wait 2~3 minutes for discharging)
  2. Connect ethernet cable to GigaBit Eth port not harness cable like below
  3. [img][/img]
  4. If it does not help, Please check installing from new host and share ~/.nvsdkm folder if you face any issue.

I tried to do this, this time it went up to running anacron jobs while booting and then it stops.

here is the latest log file that I got:

Kindly check it and help me fix the problem.

Hi vijayjohn,

Have you managed to resolved the problem or it’s still an issue?



I am still stuck in the same place. Not able to resolve this issue.


Dear vijay,
could you confirm if monitor connected to board?