Drive PX2 can1 on Tegra B not reding CAN messages


I have configured both can0 (on Tegra A) and can1 (on Tegra B) as follow:

$ sudo apt-get install can-utils

Step 1. Connected PCAN to can-5 and can6 port.

  • can-5 -> can0 on Tegra A
  • can-6 -> can1 on Tegra B
  • can-1 -> channel A on Aurix
  • can-2 -> channel B on Aurix
    ​ - can-3 -> channel C on Aurix
    ​ - can-4 -> channel D on Aurix

Step2. Enable can0 on Tegra A
$sudo ip link set can0 type can bitrate 500000
$sudo ip link set can0 up

Step3. Run candump
$sudo candump can0

(Repeated the same commands with can1 to enable can 1 on Tegra B)

Can0 immediately shows CAN traffic on terminal while can1 does NOT.

Also checked details of the links with the following commands:
#ip -details -statistics link show can0
#ip -details -statistics link show can1

Comparing the configuration, both looked the same with no errors and still can1 does not show any CAN traffic.

What else could be causing this issue?

Dear @armando.ramirez,
Could you check I cannot receive can massage in can1(Tegra B), but I can receive in can0(Tegra A), why?