Drive PX2 Cooling

Hello all,

We are working on a project with the PX2 that requires us to keep it in the trunk of a vehicle with the trunk lid closed. The ambient trunk temperatures often gets up to 100F+. We are trying out some methods to cool the trunk/PX2, but does anyone have any experience in or insights on this issue?

Thank you so much.

Dear arzumanov_s,

Could you please refer to the “DRIVE PX 2 AutoChauffeur Mechanical and Installation Guide” doc below link for your topic? Thanks.

Page13 4. The ambient temperature range is 0℃ to 45℃


Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, I am aware that this is the ambient temperature range. However, we frequently approach this temperature. In fact, recently we noticed that our PX2 was lagging in computation due to overheating.

Therefore, if anyone has any experience or advice in additional cooling for the PX2, that would be very heplful!

Thank you.


You probably won’t like the solution, but you have to modify the car body to provide active trunk cooling. A fan and a couple of tubes going down through the vehicle, plus maybe a filter and a thermal sensor for basic automation.

A quick-and-dirty option is a pair of flexible PVC ducts and a fan that will exchange the air between the trunk and the car interior.

Good luck!


Hello All,

We are working on an autonomous driving project with a small car. Due to space limitation in our car, we are thinking to keep Drive PX 2 in vertical/tilt position. But, NVIDIA recommends that the product (Drive PX 2) to be mounted horizontally, please refer “DRIVE PX 2 Auto Chauffeur Mechanical and Installation Guide” (Page 5, Section 1.3, Link: document.

If anyone has similar Drive PX 2 mounted working setup (vertical/tilt position other than horizontal) or any issues with this type of setup?

Thank you!