DRIVE PX2 flashing

I haven’t been able to find clear instructions for the flashing procedure for the DRIVE PX2 (upgrading the OS).
I am using the SDK-manager application, and I get to the point where the software asks for the authorisation to flash the drive.
condition number 3t states:
“Connect the device to the network using an ethernet cable”

  • what does that exactly mean ?
  • does “network” means “network with internet access”?
  • does the host pc need to be on the same network of the drive or the only connection required between the two nodes is USB ?
  • The Tegra devices to be flashed need to be on or can be off ?


  1. Yes, internet access.
  2. Host needs internet access as well as target plus the USB connection between host and target.
  3. Needs to be on.