DRIVE PX2 - network adapter problem

I have problem when I try to connect the DRIVE PX2 to internet.
There is no network setting available on the upper right side of the ubuntu enviourement
When we clink on the Network icon of the system setting of ubuntu of DRIVE PX2, the following error message pop up:
“the system network services are not compatible with this version”
I would like to know how to solve this problem

Dear cwyiu,

Could you refer to below link for your topic? Thanks.

Dear Steve,
thanks for your reply
However, the link topic only talk about the connection between Host and the target
My problem is the network manager of the linux in target board doesn’t start properly
Therefore, we cannot find any network adapter in linux of target board
did I miss any software installation after first start of the target board?


Dear cwyiu,

You should be using the eth0 interfaces, and setting them to private addresses using the /etc/systemd/network/ config file.




Dear Steve,
I’ve edit the config file according to your instruction
However, although the ip address of eth0 was successfully changed to, the ubuntu network manager does not start, and I still can’t see any network card in ubuntu
by the way, is network manager important in linux in order to connect the target board to host/other device (i.e. Lidar)? Or i can forget about network manager and the target would still connect without network manager?

Dear cwyiu,

Did you execute the following command after you modified it?
sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

Dear Steve,
I’ve tried but it doesn’t work
I can get it work with the following command:
“sudo service network-manager start”
However, the network wouldn’t work again when we restart the target board and we need to type this command line manually everytime when we start the board.
May be the work around solution is the force the Linux to run this command during startup…
Do you know how to force Linux to run this command during startup?

Dear cwyiu,

Can I know what you’re trying to implement? and how to configure the DPX2 network?
If possible, it would be helpful if you could explain the composition in pictures.

Dear Steve,
I am trying to get the PX2 to connected to internet via standard office LAN network so that I can install all necessary software in PX3 (i.e. ROS, Autoware, Lidar…)
However,when I start the PX2 for the first time, the Network Manager doesn’t appeared on the right hand side of the upper toolbar (sorry I don’t know how to attach picture here)
Then I changed the IP address of Eth0 to static according to your suggestion and finally, the PX2 started to connect to the internet.
However, the default connection changed from Eth0 to enp0s3 adapter and then it failed to connect
Finally, I solve the problem with the following command:
sudo service network-manager start
With the above command, I can start the network manager and I can configure the wired connection again
The only problem problem is I need to run the above command every time after I restart the PX2.
so this is the explanation of my problem

Dear cwyiu,

Regarding “The only problem is I need to run the above command every time after I restart the PX2.”, I will see if there’s a way to fix the problem.
Please also refer to the following link for your topic. Thanks.

Dear Steve,
do you mind you can check the correctness of the URL again in the previous post?
It is because i could not navigate the web page which you gave in the previous post

Dear cwyiu,

Please access and refer to below capture. Thanks.
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