DRIVE PX2 software component versions


We have a DRIVE PX2 AutoChauffeur development kit, with DRIVE OS 5.0.5.x installed on it.
In the past, we used CUDA 9.0.x, cuDNN 7.1.x, and TensorRT 3.0.2 to develop and deploy DNNs on this platform.


  1. How can we upgrade the DRIVE software installed on the DPX2 development kit?
  2. What versions of CUDA, cuDNN, and TensorRT are supported on DPX2?
  3. What versions of CUDA, cuDNN, and TensorRT should we use on host PC to port our neural networks?

Thanks and regards.

Dear @sagar.kirtany,
Please install DRIVE OS and DriveWorks using sdkmanager on both host and target to get latest DRIVE release for DRIVE PX2. Please use ubuntu 16.04 based host PC to flash target.

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