Drive strength of nano doesn't meet min requirements of the VLT on the devkit

Hey, I’m trying to select a voltage level translator for SPI I2C GPIOs and UART. The one I had chosen previously, NVT2010BS_115, is not working right and I’m starting over with the component selection.

I was going to try the TXB0302DQMR for UART as indicated on the schematic of the jetson devkit, but I noticed that the drive strength min is 3mA, but I saw this post below that says drive strength is 1mA for Nano’s IOs. I’d like to just assume that it will work, but parts go out of stock and I may need to choose a new one in the future.

I’m looking to confirm the true drive strength of the IO pins on the Nano, so I can verify if the TXB0302DQMR’s drive strength requirements are being met, and how I can modify the drive strength in the kernel so I can meet requirements of other VLTs.

Hi, it’s up to +/- 2mA for the pins. You can choose the level shit TXB0108B as you can see in the devkit schematic.

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