DriveInstall stuck when customizing packages installation.

Dear developpers,

In an attempt to install the DriveWorks DSK on a docker image, I would need some help on a particular issue:
My disk space being limited, I need to run the script in non-silent mode, i.e with the possibility to unselect unnecessary packages to save memory.
The problem is that the installation doesn’t start when I customize packages. The installer is stuck.
Does somemody have advises on this particular issue ?

(PS: this thread can help

Best regards


reading through your issue I am striking with your terminology whether you mean “on” or “onto”. Thus, I assume you have several docker partitions on your host running the SDK manager in one of them. Therefore raising the issue of restricted memory.

Am I right?

If so and you are facing memory issues, then I suggest you a hotfix for the time being:

  1. Mount an external HDD or SSD with the downloaded packages on it.
  2. Set your $HOME to the mounted device accordingly.
  3. Install your packages by (de-)selecting using the SDKM.

Currently, we are working a lot on the improvement of the SDKM to provide you an even better user-experience and more functionality as well.

  • Fabian