Drivenet-like customized navigation system


We currently have the DriveNet example running on the PX2 system. We also have 6 AR0231 cameras. Now we need to customize DriveNet or create a similar network to suit our requirements. Appreciate if anybody can shed some light on how to achieve the following tasks,

  1. Fusing the 6 AR0231 cameras together to create the 360 degree view
  2. Reading the CAN inputs such as steering angle and speed of the vehicle into DriveNet
  3. Retraining DriveNet with CAN inputs such as steering angle / speed and labeled images
  4. Getting the drive by wire CAN control outputs from DriveNet depending on the camera inputs


Hello NipunaVega,

Regarding cameras part, could you please see “DriveWorks SDK Reference -> DriveWorks Samples -> DNN/Detection Samples -> DriveNetNCameras Sample”? Thanks.

Hi, I think we have pretty much same goal to achieve. So several questions:

Is this “DriveWorks SDK Reference” included in the Vibrante 4.1 PDK? I’m not sure where to find it.

Also, does the host machine have to be Ubuntu 14.04 to install the PDK? Ubuntu 16.04 won’t work at all?

You can install everything on 16.04 if you execute the run files manually instead of trying to use the install programm.

Thanks for that! But my system is complaining two dependencies: openjdk-6-jdk and lib32bz2-1.0. I actually have openjdk-7-jdk and libbz2-1.0 installed. How did you figure that out or do you have any installation instructions for Ubuntu16.04? Will virtual machine (14.04) work?

I don’t recall seeing the openjdk message but I do remember the libbz2 message and I just ignored it. Also, I have openjkd-8 installed. I don’t have instructions, I just did what I said, ran all the run files. So far I have been able to build and/or run anything I’ve tried which seems to indicate everything installed OK.