DriveNet Network_Type

Our software team has been trying to get DriveNet working on a Drive PX2 with;

  • networkType of DW_DRIVENET_TYPE_FP16
  • Driveworks 0.3.
  • GPU 1
  • Batches of 8 images at a time (hence the chosen networkType to do 2 images simultaneously)

Our understanding is that networkType DW_DRIVENET_TYPE_FP16 needs compute capability > 6.1 and that GPU 1 has compute capability 6.2, so should work

Nonetheless, so far the output of trying is that it does not work;
6 current active gpu is: 1
7 Driveworks exception thrown: DW_INVALID_ARGUMENT: DriveNet: Device compute capability > 6.1 is required for FP16
8 Failed to create DriveNet due to: DW_INVALID_ARGUMENT

I am looking for any insight as to if it really works as documented? If we may have misunderstood the capability? Done something else wrong?

Dear george.dibben,

FP16 is supported on iGPU of DPX2, but not supported on dGPU of DPX2.
Could you please check your using GPU(iGPU or dGPU)? Thanks.