Drivenet sample not working as expected


I am running sample drivenet code (Driveworks 0.6.0), and its producing too many false positives.
We recently upgraded from Driveworks 0.3.0, where the drivenet was working perfectly fine.

Has someone faced the same issue ? or can help fix up the issue ?

Here is the link to the sample output:

Dear sarveshd,
Could you check Drivenet with video recorded on road(not indoor)

The same for outdoor

Dear sarveshd,
Can you share test video here to reproduce it on our side


Thank you for sharing. We will update you on this

Dear sarveshd,
The input video looks like it was demosaic’ed. Could you share, how did you recorded this video and converted it to h264? Can you check the same with RAW data and let us know?

Thanks. The raw video looks normal.
But the problem is raw video is too big, any way to use h264 video?

Dear sarveshd,
Can you please tell how did you get this .h264 video. Did you use any converters?

Hello there,

I experience exactly the same problem, sarveshd.
My case is a bit more specific because I tested the DriveNet detector on simulated video files (saved as mp4, then converted to h264 using FFMPEG), so I wasn’t so surprised when I first noticed the very big number of false positive detections.
To counter this, I had to implement my own object filter (using multiple filtering layers/methods).
I am glad to hear that there may be better solutions than a creapy filter.

Will stay round.