DrivePX2 TegraA/B GPIO

We want to use a GPIO pin on TegraA/B for providing a PPS pulse from a GPS receiver.

According to the documentation, connector J55 on autochauffeur gives access to GPIO. I cannot find a pin description of this connector in the documentation, maybe I overlooked it. Is there GPIO from TegraA and B available on this connector? If not, where can I access it?

Kind regards,

Jan Willem van den Brand

Same for me. No answers?

Dear JW2000 and rdchen,

Unfortunately, no. we don’t have a way to control this. Thanks.

Why not? Is it in hardware/schematic design, or not?

Based on the document, it says:
*Accessing GPIO User Space
Exporting GPIOs through /sys Interface
Exporting with the API
*Pinmux/GPIO Configuration