Driver 177.13 faster?

Am I crazy, or is my program suddenly 20-50% faster w/ CUDA 2 + driver 177.13 than CUDA 1.1 and driver 169.12? Is it possible?

I did make some incremental changes to the code as I upgraded, but it looked to me like installing the driver was good for quite a bit of speed.

Yeah, it would be good to know if driver 177.13 increases performance.

I personally experience strange things : my program is 2% faster with cuda2.0 driver 177.13 than with cuda 1.1 (169.09), but the device to device bandwidth test is 10 % slower than before. Moreover my program is memory bound so this should have impacted performance.

This 10% bandwidth decrease may be due to my config (dell T7400) as someone else has the same problem (see post…t=&#entry400787 )

So i wonder if without the 10 % bandwidth decrease bug my program would have been 10% faster than before.

The bandwidth loss is a known bug (and NOT specific to Dell systems) which should be fixed in a future driver release.