Driver 346.35 deiban jessie fan slider or input not showing

I use Option “Coolbits” “4”, but it is not working

You can see it by going this link
Card is nvidia gt 730

see also

nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/GPUFanControlState=1 -a [fan:0]/GPUCurrentFanSpeed=50

not working

card model is asus geforce gt730 1gd5-brk



I looked up your card (above) and I don’t think you have fan control for that card. If you look closely you will see that the connector for your fan is only 2 wires (red & black) suggesting that it does not have any kind of speed control. At best you might be able to turn the fan off… though it may get too hot if you do.

The coolbits flag is working or you would not see the “Enable GPU Fan Settings” section at all. I see you have the option for “Fan-0 speed” does that just turn the fan off completely?

I HAD a GT610 in my HTPC at one point with a similar fan setup as yours and the fan simply ran @ 100% ALL THE TIME and was loud and annoying which I assume is your issue. I ended up returning it and getting a used evga gtx650 for $65.

Hi thanks for answer. Yes I have seen it. But in the official site it says:
“GPU Tweak helps you modify clock speeds, voltages, fan performance and more, all via an intuitive interface”

3 Wires are not exactly needed for fan control, dont ask me details tho.
In windows i can easly control fan speed’s and even get current rpm’s, on linux such thing does not work.

PS: yes only 2 wires :P

2 Wires, RPM controls by regulating voltage to the fan.
(positive + ground)
-> Lower voltage lower speed.

4 Wires, RPM controls by signal (PWM) and the fan has a controller that regulates speed based on input.
(positive + ground)
(PWM Signal to fan + RPM signal from fan to report its speed)
-> Stable voltage across all speeds
-> Speed depends completely on PWM signal.

Yes, but how to do this with this drivers?
I have done it manually, just connect resistor, because noise was terrible.

Please provide nvidia bug report by running script as root user. If this happening with this specific asus card, there may be limitation from firmware side for fan control. Is there any way to test on Windows OS?

Hi thanks for your comment, but I haven’t opportunity to check it in the Windows Os. But here on more unsatisfied customer. And he have tested it on Windows Os, and receive the same result

this script does not work

Running to look up boot -1: Не вдалося призначити вказану адресу
Failed to look up boot -2: Не вдалося призначити вказану адресу

Не вдалося призначити вказану адресу - could not detect address
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (120 KB)