Driver 355.82 miss ARB_ES3_2_compatibility and GL-ES 3.2 on GeForce 600 series (Win10)


I’d like to report that driver 355.82 (Windows 10) miss OpenGL-ES 3.2 profile, as well ARB_ES3_2_compatibility extension on GeForce 600 series.
This is the opposite stated at OpenGL Driver Support page at:

I tested it in a GTX 650 Ti Boost and failed to get GL-ES 3.2 profile.

Also, a quick check at DelphiGL Database shows that only GTX 970 supports GL-ES 3.2:

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Just extra info.
Following report shows some renderers and drivers supporting GL-ES 3.X context creation.

It confirms first post.

Shame on me!

The NV driver which allows GL-ES 3.2 context creation is Release 355.58.
Unfortunately, this driver doesn’t install on Windows 10.
Later versions, as 355.82, support GL-ES up to 3.1.

Looking forward to have GL-ES 3.2 on Windows 10 !

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I’m glad that nVidia released developer driver 355.97
It brings all new OpenGL 2015 ARB extensions as well OpenGL ES 3.2 on capable hardware.