Driver 378.49, strange incompatibility with Elan video annotation software

One of the main applications I use is a program called ELAN which is developed by a software team at the Max PLanck INstitute in NIjmegen, Holland. Elan is a program for multimedia annotation, and though it is developed in-house at the MPI, it is freely available for researchers around the world and has a significant community of users. I don’t think the program–which is written in Java with a variety of public domain and other modules–makes particular use of any of the special capabilities of the high-end NVIDIA cards (although the video compression used to create the compact files that Elan reads and plays does benefit from them). However, some unknown interaction between the boards and Elan reveals a somewhat strange problem in the latest NVIDIA driver. Installing the latest set of drivers (version 378.49) causes both a computer using a Quadro M5000 and another using a GTX 1060 to be unable either to launch (or, oddly enough, even to re-install, using the Macromedia installer) the Windows 10 version of Elan. The program starts its loading process but never opens, and the installer simply never opens. (The Elan program can be freely found at In both cases, rolling back to the immediately previous NVIDIA driver (for the Quadro version 376.62, and for the GTX version 373.06) restores Elan to health.

It is also worth mentioning that on a couple of other computers where I use Elan, but which use simpler boards (a GeForce 845M on a laptop, and a GTX 750ti on an old desktop), the newest driver, version 378.49, causes NO problem with Elan, if that additional detail of information is useful. Only the high-end cards seem to exhibit the problem. (The workstations systems I mentioned are using the latest iteration of Windows 10 Education Version, up to date as of today.)